all kinds of crazy.


You learn all sorts of valuable lessons in life so here’s a little something…

We are all NUTS. Everyone is CRAZY in their own way and if you stand here and go “I’m not nuts”, that makes you even more crazy.

Everyone has their own shit. Whether its family or friends or work or life in general…we ALL have our own shit.

The truth is, your shit makes you…YOU.

It’s the way you bounce back from adversities or challenges or those uncertain obstacles that life gives you.

Sit back for a second right now and think of the hardest thing that has EVER happened to you and ask yourself…how has this made me a better person?! Seriously, just think about that for a second. 

Whether it’s work or family or I don’t even now what, we get faced with challenges each and EVERY day. The way you decide to react to those challenges…that’s your shit.

I can think of just about 1001 things that have made me stronger, more independent and, perhaps, a bit more resilient. Take that “shit” and build on it. Build a stronger foundation, build a stronger mindset and build a stronger (and better) life.

All of this right now might sound like every meme, every life lesson and every inspirational quote you’ve ever heard or read…BUT…it has a whole lot of truth to it.





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