joe fresh faves


Last week Vancouver had a couple of super warm days and it made me so excited to bust out all of my open toed shoes/sandals! I am so sick of boots and booties and SO over the winter months. For some reason I checked the Joe Fresh website one morning and I had found a super cute pair of block heels (mine current black ones are so done and need to be thrown out but they are such a staple in my closet!). I went to go check the Joe Fresh one’s out in person to see if they were actually a) comfortable and b) what the website illustrated. I ended up walking out with a nude pair (see picture) but I am going to go back and get the black and coral ones too! A girl can NEVER have too many shoes!

I wore them to work one day thinking that they might ruin my feet but they were fantastic. I mean, any shoe is going to hurt if you’re gallivanting in it all day but these ones were actually quite comfortable! I highly recommend them.

So this afternoon I went back to Joe Fresh and found a couple of other gems for the Spring. As you can see in the picture there are the three different colours of the block heels I bought.

The trench coat in the top right is SUPER cute and only $49! I had to order it online because they didn’t have my size in store. I have an army green spring coat but was looking for something light and fun in a beige colour. The detail on the cuffs is so adorable and it fits really really nicely!

The army green and navy pants are my fave. I bought them in navy today (they were $29!!). They’re amazing because you can put them on with a pair of heels and dress them up OR you can throw on a pair of chucks and dress them down – you decide. Super versatile pants and extremely comfy to boot!

Lastly, the super super super cute ruffle sandals! They are absolutely adorable and would look gorgeous with a pair of white jeans. They actually have them in solid black as well.

I know that the Joe Fresh stuff (quality wise) might not last as long but for these prices, it is a no-brainer to wear these items for a season or two and then retire them.

So with that being said, I hope I brought some springtime inspo to your closets! 🙂


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