blue monday, who?

It’s been just over two weeks since the clock struck midnight and we jumped into 2018. I read this afternoon that today, Monday January 15th, is actually referred to as “Blue Monday”.

Apparently some mathematical formula dubbed today the day where:

  • We start to realize how much debt we racked up over the holidays
  • We feel bloated and gross from all of the eating and drinking we just did
  • By now, we’ve probably broken a resolution or two

To be quite honest, prior to seeing an article about Blue Monday, I had no idea that this even existed.

So what’s next? Do I sit here and dwell in misery? Nope. As a matter of fact, I didn’t rack up a lot of debt over the holidays. Instead, I spent quality time at home with family and friends. Did I eat and drink a lot? Yup. Definitely enough to make me feel quite full but at the end of the day, it wasn’t something a little exercise and healthy eating wouldn’t fix after the fact!

As for my resolutions, I’m not doing so badly because I actually made attainable ones.

What I am really trying to get at is that today doesn’t have to be Blue Monday. You can be your own problem or you can be the solution. Take a moment and ask yourself if you’ve done something for yourself recently. If you have, amazing! Keep going! If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?

I did something small today that I’ve wanted to do for the last little while and that I hope will bring a bit of change in the way I think…a social spring clean, if you will. I unfollowed about 300 accounts on Instagram. You’re probably asking why…

Over the last few years I’ve started to follow accounts just because they were popular. It was time to do a bit of unfollowing. There is absolutely no reason why I have to follow the Kardashian’s on social (I use them just as an example). I’ve gained absolutely nothing but increased eye-rolls by following their insane lives. Good for them but at the end of the day, what am I gaining by following their accounts? Ab-so-lutely nothing.

The point of today’s rant is: do something that is going to have a positive influence on your life. Do something for you. Get rid of the negative crap. Don’t sit there and rot in misery because someone told you it was Blue Monday. If you’ve wanted to try a new class, try it. If you’ve wanted to take on a new challenge, do it. We get so caught up in other people’s lives, we forget to get caught up in our own!



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