Foodie Review: Cacao 70 North Vancouver

It seems like it has been a million years since I got this website up and running. I actually had a blog post written and ready to post but when I woke up the next day to proof it and post it, I woke up to the tragic massacre news out of Las Vegas. What became even more tragic is that it hit extremely close to home – one of my colleague’s brothers had been shot.

For  the next few weeks everything was extremely depressing. I couldn’t get my mood right, I kept reading new articles trying to figure out why someone would carry out such a task. It didn’t feel right to post anything while so many people suffered and hurt over what had happened.

The entire incident made me realize how much negativity we are immersed in each day. This also inspired me to continue on with my blog but focus on the positives. This brings me to my post today.

As you know, I love food and trying new places. My boyfriend and I decided to try a newly opened spot by our place called Cacao 70. Here’s my review:

When we walked in were were greeted by a friendly girl behind the counter and she gave us a couple of menus to look at. Once we placed our order, she gave us a number. Included in that order were two coffees. This is where the confusion kind of started to set in. The coffee was given to us in paper cups (who really cares, but it’ll relate to the whole experience in a bit). There was no coffee station to be able to dress your coffee at like there would be at a local coffee shop.

She handed us a container with little milk/creamers in it (which I hoped was being stored in a fridge) and then a separate container for sugars. She placed these on the counter by the cash register. It was kind of odd dressing our coffees at the cash register as we weren’t even sure where to put the garbage.

Jord had ordered the Feel Good Omelette and I ordered the Hangover Omelette. neither of us were hungover but both of these looked delicious. The orders both came with a small fruit plate and chocolate fondue. YUM.

We sat down with our coffees and order number. The lady brought over our fruit plates which had a piece of a banana, a couple of strawberries and some pineapple on them alongside a little dish of chocolate fondue. Personally, I think that this could have come at the end of our meals. We were so hungry we polished off our fruits and chocolate.

Our meals arrived and they were presented very nicely. Our omelettes were kind of crepe style if you will. There were two pieces of toast and a side salad as well. Everything tasted good and it was definitely quite a bit of food for the $13 and some odd change per meal.

While we were eating our meals, we started at a kitchen cart that had some bus bins on it and then behind that, a bunch of cupboards with green painting tape on them. Each cupboard was labelled with something different but this lacked any aesthetic look. Perhaps this was in the works, I don’t know.

When we were done our meals, we left our plates, said thank you and left.

All in all I would say that the food was an 8/10. I would have reversed the order of the meal and the fruit plates. The ambiance was about a 7/10. I think that they still have a lot of work to do on their look and feel of the restaurant. The layout of everything was definitely not efficient, both from an employees perspective and a guests perspective.

The service scored a mighty 7.5 out of 10. We were ‘served’ a few things, but not others and no one came to take our plates away. This is confusing to me as I am more than happy to tip staff but I kind of what the full experience. We didn’t really get that here.

All in all, would I go back? Sure, but I would love to spend a day or two in there helping them reveal organize the restaurant in a way that was efficient from beginning to end.

If you’re the sweet-tooth kind of person, this is definitely your place. Lucky (or unlucky) for us, we’re trying to be good and healthy ahead of our Hawaii vacation coming up!





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