Over the last few weeks I’ve wanted to check two things off my personal bucket list: hike the Grouse Grind and start a blog. Today I accomplished both!

Welcome to my very first post.

I’m sitting with my coffee, aimlessly hammering away at my keyboard, trying to categorize and explain to you why I chose to do this. I’ll break this down into 3 ideas.

A mile a minute. This is generally the speed at which my mind travels. I often catch myself thinking of the most obscure things and I want to use this blog as an avenue where I can share those thoughts, gain insight and learn from or teach others. I’ll position this as an electronic journal except that, rest assured, you won’t see the juicy stuff!

Sharing is caring. I am a victim of the internet and often come across neat things, or at least what I deem to be neat things, and I’m going to want to share those with you guys. My boyfriend and I love food. I love to cook but we also love to dine out so my shares might come by way of recipes or restaurant reviews. They might come in the way of travel spots or shopping deals or useless sports banter. Just like my thoughts, these shares will be all over the map! Who doesn’t like a little organized chaos?!

Create and inspire. I’ve got a very small artistic bone in my body and, depending on which way the wind blows, I might sit down and throw a painting together. Apart from the obvious (Instagram and Facebook), I’d like to share my art with you guys. This will keep me motivated to pick up the paint brush more often. Secondly, I hope that at the very least, my ideas, my stories and my adventures inspire you to go out and do the same.

I’m prepared to take criticism and I’m prepared to be challenged. I am also prepared to be vulnerable at times. I hope you enjoy this journey with me because this crazy ride is just beginning.

I look forward to connecting with the blog community and creating this space for myself. I’ll always be open to questions, comments and ideas. Thanks for visiting.

– ML




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